Virtually Browse the Fox Collection

The library has begun to document the collection in digital form, and as browsing the shelves in Special Collections is restricted due to the value and fragility of many items, virtual browsing of the shelves has been provided utilizing ARTstor’s image viewer. Click anywhere on the image below to view and zoom the contents of each shelf. Each shelf item is cataloged in ARTstor with the number that corresponds to its entry in the printed catalog (Z881 .S375 1993) as well as its call number, which can be searched using the Library’s Catalog. When the photography of individual items commences, new images will be added and additional links provided.

Shelf 1 Shelf 2 Shelf 3 Shelf 4 Shelf 5 Shelves 6 and 7 Shelf 8 Shelf 9 Shelf 10 Shelf 11 Shelf 12 Shelves 13 and 14 Shelf 15 Shelf 16 Shelf 17 Shelf 18 Shelf 19 Shelves 20 and 21 Shelf 22 Shelf 23 Shelf 24 Shelf 25 Shelf 26 Shelves 27 and 28 Shelf 29

Click on a shelf to view its contents in ARTstor.