Faculty Info

Instruction in the Library

The Scribner Library offers tailored instruction sessions for classes at all levels. Instruction typically covers techniques for finding relevant print and electronic resources, evaluating and selecting sources, requesting items, RefWorks, and proper citation methods. Subject librarians can also develop custom-made course guides for courses or assignments which are designed to aid students working on research projects by suggesting relevant resources and tips for getting started.

Instruction sessions can be taught in the library or in the regularly scheduled classroom. The library offers a variety of meeting rooms and learning spaces, including a media viewing room.

In addition, the librarians at Scribner Library have created interactive learning tutorials to teach basic information literacy and research skills using a format that is available to students at any time.


Faculty may place both print and electronic resources on reserve for students in their classes. Items from the Library’s collection, as well as personal items, such as books, journal articles, and films may be designated for reserve. We are happy to scan items, within the limits of copyright law, for faculty. Reserve requests are placed and made available to students using our online Course/E-Reserves system.

To schedule a library-owned DVD or VHS film for a single class screening, please submit a request using the Course/E-Reserves system or the Single-Screening Video Reserve form.

For questions about reserves, please contact Hannah Matecko-Conti.

Open Access

Open access provides barrier-free access to information. Researchers from anywhere in the world can read scholarly output that has been made available in an open-access journal. In other words, OA is information that is free, unrestricted, and online.  Feel free to view our open access library guide.