Banned Books Week 2023

The American Library Association began Banned Books Week in 1982 in the wake of increasing book bans around the country. In comparison to the 1980s, the number of challenges and bans in the past several years has skyrocketed, with ALA’s Office of Intellectual Freedom recording 1,269 challenges in 2022 on 2,571 unique titles. Stop by the library’s display on the first floor to learn more about book challenges and bans and to celebrate your ability to read whatever you choose!

Scribner Library is hosting a book drive through Oct. 6 to collect banned books for the Little Liberty Library at Caffé Lena in downtown Saratoga Springs. The Little Liberty Library provides year-round access to free copies of banned books. If you have a new or used copy of a banned book that you’d like to donate to the Little Liberty Library, drop it off at the collection bin on the library’s first floor.