LI 100

LI 100 Introduction

Would you like a one-credit course that…

  • Helps you to better understand when and how to use electronic information resources.
  • Is completed in the first half of the semester (January 21 - March 11, 2015), allowing you to apply all that you learn in LI 100 to the research needs of your other courses.



LI 100: Electronic Information Resources is a one-credit information literacy course taught in the first half of the semester. The course examines online search skills in a variety of electronic databases and addresses the structure of disciplinary information systems, the selection of proper information resources, and the evaluation of search results, as well as some of the social, political and economic issues of the information age.

Information literacy is generally defined as the set of skills necessary to locate, access, use, and evaluate information to be a life long learner.

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Spring 2015

Course Title Instructor Cr S/U Days Times Building/Room Spec. Perm. Notes
LI-100 001 Elec Info Resources

Cosgrove, John

1 Y MW 4:00-5:00 pm LIB 118 N FY

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