Recalls, Holds & Renewals

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Items may be recalled if they are needed for course reserve or if they are needed by another patron. Items recalled for course reserve are due immediately no matter how long they have been in circulation. When another patron initiates a recall, the current borrower is guaranteed three weeks with the book or CD before it needs to be returned.

If you need an item which is already checked out to another patron:

You may initiate a hold or a recall through the Library's Catalog. Once you locate the item record, use the "Place a Hold" option in the "Actions" menu located to the right of the item record. You will be prompted to enter your Skidmore username and password, and once logged in, you will be taken to a page that will let you either "Place a Hold on a Checked Out Item" or "Recall from Patron." If you select the recall option, the library will notify you when the item is returned. If the item needed is part of a set, request that particular volume or part.
(The current borrower is guaranteed three weeks with a book or CD before the item must be returned.)

If you select "Place a Hold on a Checked Out Item," when the item is returned, you will be notified.

Please note that the Library does not reveal borrowers' names to other borrowers. In certain circumstances the Library may act as an intermediary between the current borrower and the patron who needs the material as long as confidentiality of both patrons is protected.

If you have borrowed an item that has been recalled:

Items recalled for course reserve are due immediately no matter how long they have been in circulation.

If the item has been recalled by another patron, you have 48 hours after the recall notice goes out to return the recalled items.

You are guaranteed three weeks with a book before it can be recalled by another patron.

Fines on recalled items are $2/day per item.

The failure to return library materials in a timely way when those materials are needed by others members of the Skidmore community may be treated as an academic integrity infraction.

Note: Borrowers who are not students, faculty or staff may place holds but may not institute recalls.


  • Borrowers may renew materials through their patron record, over the phone, in person, or by email.
  • Faculty may renew Skidmore books once per item.
  • Students, staff and other borrowers may renew books twice per item within a single semester.
  • Videos (DVD & VHS) may be renewed twice.
  • Audio materials (CDs, cassettes, LPs) may be renewed twice. Faculty may renew once.
  • Popular Fiction and Non-Fiction books and non-book materials may be renewed once.
  • Curriculum Library books may only be renewed once by Friends of the Library.
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