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nightThis exhibit introduces Skidmore’s 24th Fox-Adler Lecturer, author and illustrator, Elisha Cooper.  As this exhibit illuminates, the topics of Cooper’s books are far ranging.  He writes about beavers, roosters, dogs, ballparks, beaches, farms, cows, becoming a father, country fairs, riding the subway, ice cream, cats, and dance.

Cooper’s life experience is the source of his creative accomplishments for children as well as adults.  Cooper’s first book, A Year in New York (1995), is what he calls an “illustrated journal.”  His inspiration came from his job as a messenger for the New Yorker - he based the book on sketches he made on the subway en route to his deliveries.  His second book, Off the Road:  An American Sketchbook (1996), grew out of his cross-country adventure after he quit his job at the New Yorker. The New York Times calls Crawling:  A Father’s First Year (2006), “A bravely honest memoir of parenthood.”  It is a memoir about his experiences as a new father.

Cooper has written and illustrated well over a dozen children’s books.  His topics resonate with inquisitive children eager for a believable narrative.  Dance!, drawing upon his own experience taking ballet at Yale to improve his football playing, was a New York Times Ten Best Illustrated winner in 2001. Beach - which presents a summer day at a Midwestern beach he visited near Chicago - was a Society of Illustrators Gold Medal best illustrated book of the year in 2006. A visit to the Chicago Zoo with his daughters led to the creation of Beaver is Lost (2010)Cooper’s latest book, Homer (2012), features a big, loyal yellow lab named Homer, named after his own childhood dog. 

text by Catherine J. Golden, Professor of English

Exhibited curated by Wendy Anthony, Special Collections Curator

The exhibit will be on display in the Harris Lobby through the Fall 2012 semester

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