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Library Instruction Room

The BI Room (118, on the first floor of the Library) contains 22 computer stations and a projection screen to assist in instruction. The room may be reserved by faculty for a class period, but not the entire semester, by calling the Library Office at (518) 580-5506 the week before the room is needed.

Pohndorff Room

During the Academic year, the Pohndorff Room is the Special Collections Reading Room from Monday to Thursday, 10am - 4pm, and Friday, 10am - 3pm.

Classes wanting to use the Special Collections can arrange to meet in the Pohndorff Room by contacting This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., the Special Collections Curator, (518) 580-5509. (For special events see below.) Any change in the Reading Room seating arrangement should be negotiated between the professor and Wendy Anthony. (This applies to classes only - for special events see below.)

Use of the Pohndorff Room for Skidmore College events after 5 pm can be arranged through the Library Office, (518) 580-5506.

All work orders for seating changes must be arranged by the department making the reservation through Housekeeping, (518) 580-5866. Seating arrangements cannot be done until 4:30 pm on the day of the event and the Reading Room arrangement MUST be back in place by 9:30 am the following day, except on weekends.

Food is NOT allowed in the Pohndorff Room except for evening and weekend events. The department hosting an evening event is responsible for making all arrangements for refreshments directly through Food Services, (518) 580-5850. All food MUST be cleared from the room after the event.

Study Spaces

The Library contains more than 800 seats for library users. Lounge seating is located adjacent to all window areas, study carrels and tables are interspersed throughout the library, and group study rooms can be found on every level. Many of the carrels and study tables in these areas have data and power connections.

Thirty-two individual study rooms are available. These are assigned by the College Librarian (see below for the carrel policy). Non-lockable individual study carrels are located on the third and fourth floors.

The library contains 25 group study rooms of varying sizes, ranging from four to ten seats. Most group study rooms are equipped with flat-screen monitors, laptop/tablet hook-ups, and dry erase boards.

The library also contains four classrooms, two of which are scheduled by the registrar.

For more information on which rooms are available for reserve, see our room reservations page.

Media Rooms

Three media rooms are located on the first floor of the Library (rooms 126, 127, and 129). These rooms may be reserved through Skidmore’s room reservation system.

The rooms are unlocked and available on a walk-up basis if not previously reserved. All equipment is activated using control panels present in each room.

Room 126 (seats 8): Blue Ray/DVD player, VHS player, sound system, digital projector

Room 127 (seats 8): Blue Ray/DVD player, VHS player, sound system, digital projector

Room 129 (seats 31): Blue Ray/DVD player, Region 2 DVD player, overhead projector, laptop hook-up, surround sound, lounge seating

Scribner Library Carrel Policy

Scribner Library has 32 carrels available to Skidmore students on a semester-long basis. Priority is given to senior thesis writers; these students may register for either fall or spring semester occupancy in their senior year. At the start of each semester, a call will go out for applications with a deadline of the first Sunday after classes begin. Once the deadline has passed and all qualified carrel requests have been processed for the current semester, any unoccupied carrels may be released to other Skidmore individuals, including faculty, based on need. Please note that the Library does not routinely set aside carrels for faculty use.

In order to maximize the number of students able to benefit from library carrels, we strongly encourage applicants to consider partnering with a fellow classmate to share a carrel. If we receive more applications than we can accommodate, priority will be given to students living off campus, and then according to the order in which applications were received.

Instructions for applicants

  1. Consult with your thesis advisor to make sure s/he agrees that you need a carrel. At the end of the process, your advisor will be asked to email a brief recommendation in order for you to receive your carrel key.
  2. Fill out the online application form:
  3. If you are assigned a carrel, you will be instructed to ask your advisor to email a brief recommendation so that you can be issued a key. Note: if we do not receive your recommendation within 5 business days, your carrel may be offered to the next individual on the waiting list, so consult with your advisor early on in the process.
  4. Once your advisor’s recommendation in received, you’ll be instructed to stop by the Library Administration Office (LIB 103) to get your key and sign a carrel use agreement.
  5. Keys are due back to the Library Administration Office by the last day of classes each semester.

The deadline for Fall 2019 applications is Sunday, September 8. Policy revised August 2019

Carrel Use Policies:

    • Carrels may only be occupied during hours when the library is open.
    • Carrel occupants are responsible for any damage incurred during the semester and will be billed for any necessary repairs/cleaning.
    • Carrel sharing with qualified occupants, while encouraged, requires permission from the Library Administration Office (LIB 103).
    • Library materials must be checked out before they can be left overnight in carrels. Library materials that have not been checked out should be placed on a shelving cart immediately after use. Carrels will be inspected periodically. Any materials not checked out (including non-circulating books and journals) will be reshelved and the occupant may be asked to vacate their carrel.
    • Food and drink may be consumed in carrels but should not be left overnight.


Scribner Library has 24 lockers available, with priority given to Skidmore students. The lockers are located on the fourth floor and are assigned for short-term use throughout the year, according to need. To apply for a locker, come to the Library Administration Office (LIB 103). Failure to comply with the locker policy below may result in forfeiture of locker use.

      • Library materials must be checked out before they are stored in a locker. Library journals, reference books, or any other non-circulating library materials may not be retained in the lockers. Anything not checked out will be removed by library staff and returned to the collection.
      • No food, beverages, alcohol, or illegal substances in the lockers.
      • Lockers are subject to periodic inspections by library staff.
      • Overdue keys will result in a fine. A $50 replacement fee will be charged if the key is lost or stolen.

To inquire about a locker, please contact Lori Acee at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (518) 580-5506.

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