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ConnectNY is a consortium of 18 New York state libraries that lend and borrow a collected total of over five million books through a shared catalog. Along with these institutions, the Skidmore community may now request material from the Center for Research Libraries, based in Chicago, IL, through the ConnectNY catalog. CRL's unique collections include 6,500 international newspapers, many dating to the 1700s (the largest collection of circulating newspapers in North America), 4,500 U.S. newspapers, many dating to the colonial era, more than 38,000 foreign journals that are rarely held in U.S. libraries, and over 800,000 foreign dissertations, mostly from European universities.

How does ConnectNY fit in with the existing methods for borrowing items from Skidmore? We recommend checking the Library Catalog, for materials first for the fastest access. If there is something you need that we do not own, or our copy is currently checked out, then check the ConnectNY catalog (2-3 business day delivery time), followed by WorldCat (delivery time frame varies), to locate items you can borrow from other institutions.

Want to learn more about ConnectNY? Check out these FAQs

To renew ConnectNY items and to check on pending requests, log in to your ConnectNY Account

Need a book that is not in ConnectNY? If so, submit an Interlibrary Loan request and the Interlibrary Loan Department will borrow a copy from another institution.

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