The new RefWorks includes ways to collect, manage, and organize research papers and documents with a more user-friendly, intuitive interface. You can read, annotate, organize, and cite your research, as well as collaborate with colleagues by sharing collections.

RefWorks’ drag and drop capability along with its smart document recognition makes it easy and fast to upload documents and bibliographic information into your account. The “Save to RefWorks” feature captures research from websites with the click of a button. And the Write-N-Cite feature continues to work with Microsoft Word, while the new RefWorks Add-On is compatible with Microsoft Word 2016 and Google Docs. From simple bibliographies to papers formatted with in-text citations or footnotes, RefWorks handles it all.

Create an account in the new RefWorks:
1.Go to and select the “Create Account” link.
2.Use your Skidmore email address to sign in (,, etc. will not work).

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