Trial Database: Political Extremism & Radicalism in the Twentieth Century: Far-Right and Left Political Groups in the U.S.

Political Extremism & Radicalism in the Twentieth Century: Far-Right and Left Political Groups in the U.S., Europe, and Australia combines content on far-right and fascist movements, alongside significant coverage of radical left groups, allowing researchers to access material from both sides, and providing points for comparison.  By providing primary source material from both sides in one comprehensive, meticulously indexed resource, Gale makes it possible for researchers to make connections not previously discoverable. Researchers in contemporary topics will also find value in the content, allowing them to explore the origins and development of present-day issues, including the resurgence of right-wing politics, evolution of various civil rights movements and the nature of extreme or radical political thought.

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Trial Database: Illustrated London News

With its debut in 1842, the Illustrated London News became the world's first fully illustrated weekly newspaper, marking a revolution in journalism and news reporting. The publication presented a vivid picture of British and world events -- including news of war, disaster, ceremonies, the arts, and science -- with coverage in the first issue ranging from the Great Fire of Hamburg to Queen Victoria's fancy dress ball at Buckingham Palace.

The Illustrated London News Historical Archive, 1842-2003 includes every published issue, from the first in 1842 to the last in 2003. Entirely full-text searchable with new, high-quality digital imaging from flat unbound print sets, it combines information and the power of pictures to provide unique perspective on virtually every aspect of modern life and those who helped shape it over more than 160 years.

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Trial Database: Archives of Sexuality & Gender

Archives of Sexuality & Gender is the largest collection available in support of the study of gender and sexuality, enables scholars to make new connections in LGBTQ history and activism, cultural studies, psychology, health, political science, policy studies, and other related areas of research.

It’s a rare and unique documentation of LGBTQ history through fully-searchable newsletters, government documents, manuscripts, pamphlets, and other types of primary sources. Selection of materials is guided by an advisory board consisting of leading scholars and librarians in sexuality and gender studies.

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Trial Databases from Oxford

Oxford Bibliographies Online

Oxford Bibliographies provides faculty a pathway to the most accurate and reliable resources for a variety of academic topics. Written and reviewed by academic experts, every article is an authoritative guide to the current scholarship, containing original commentary and annotations.

View a complete list of available and forthcoming subject areas here.

Oxford Research Encyclopedias

Oxford Research Encyclopedias provide peer-reviewed summaries on an ever-growing range of topics. 

See what disciplines are available here.

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Vogue Archive: Featured Database

The Vogue Archive is a complete searchable archive of American Vogue, from the first issue in 1892 to the current month, reproduced in high-resolution color page images. Every page, advertisement, cover and fold-out has been included, with rich indexing enabling you to find images by garment type, designer and brand names. The Vogue Archive preserves the work of the world's greatest fashion designers, stylists and photographers and is a unique record of American and international fashion, culture and society from the dawn of the modern era to the present day.

Vogue Archive can be accessed through the Databases A-Z list by clicking here.

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