Research Log


Things Worth Tracking (PDF)


  1. Keywords –  compiled from brainstorming, readings, thesauri
  2. Authors  - especially those often cited
  3. Institutions, organizations, or government agencies - key players
  4. Relevant call numbers –  for shelf and online browsing
  5. Subject headings / subject descriptors – online catalog / article databases
  6. Journal titles - relevant peer-reviewed journals
  7. Reference sources -  titles of relevant reference tools
  8. Publishers – key publishers of materials relevant to your topic
  9. Dates – key people, major events, publication year of primary sources
  10. Research path - steps taken to find info & discover sources, including URLs


For each source, please answer the following:

  • What is the source? Include full citation (book: call number & location / Internet source: URL)



  • How did you find the source? What was the search query? Keywords/ connectors


  • What information does the source provide?



  • What is the timeframe for the information provided by the source? Dates


  • Did this source refer you to other sources? Research path


  • Did you find information you did not expect to find? If so, what is it?


  • Other comments:



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