Citing Sources

What is a Bibliography?

A bibliography, often referred to as "Cited References," or a "Works Cited page" is an alphabetical list of all the materials (books, articles from journals, newspapers, interviews, web pages, etc.) used in the preparation of a research paper or that are referred to in the text of a research project. The purpose of a bibliography is to provide the information necessary to find the item listed. Each item listed is called a citation. During the research process, be sure to make note of the information that is necessary for the bibliographic citation.

Properly citing your sources is important, and not only lets your readers easily track down your source material, but also gives proper credit to the authors of the works you used in creating your research project.

How Do I Cite?

Consult your instructor if you are not sure which citation style to use.

Use Refworks to Manage Citations

What is an Annotated Bibliography?

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