A Look Back at April Fool’s Day: The Skidmore News

In the mid-seventies, the Skidmore News began a long and illustrious tradition of publishing “fake” April Fools editions*. The first one, April 1, 1975 was printed almost completely backwards & upside-down. The April 1, 1980 edition featured a front page story on how then college President Palamountain was briefly held hostage by students in a triple in Wilmarth. This same issue also has a Star Trek/Rocky Horror quiz and an ad for something called a “Lung Brush” for smokers to scrub out their lungs (comes with a one year supply of Lung Paste!). Tuition cuts seem to be a popular 2004theme for fake news articles, like in the April 1, 1982 issue. Interested in reading about an epidemic of hoof-and-mouth disease on campus? Check out April 1, 2001.  The April 2, 2004 edition boasts of a successful “Student Sobriety Campaign” that purportedly propelled Skidmore to first place in Princeton Review’s “stone-cold sober schools” and “don’t inhale” categories.


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