Texts from the Classical World

classicalSkidmore College’s Special Collections & Archives holds a number of ancient Greek and Latin literature texts, 26 of which, dating from 1489 to 1875, have recently been photographed. From Homer to Saint Augustine, the authors represented span over 1000 years of literary output and hail from regions and intellectual perspectives across the ancient Mediterranean world. Some of the works were printed within the first 50 years of Gutenberg’s invention; others reflect the development of publishing and printing during the Renaissance and beyond.

Anna Hocker ‘17, a double major in Classics and History, is currently constructing a website dedicated to these texts. In addition to the photographs and metadata provided by the library, the website will provide synopses of the authors’ lives and literary productivity, and as well details about the publishers and printers. The latter will comprise A Concise History of Publishing and Printing, which will explain the progress of printing from the late 15th to the late 19th centuries. This portion of the website will outline the technological history of the printing press, as well as examine the role of classical texts during the Renaissance and how humanists used the voices of antiquity to teach their students not only Latin and Greek language and literature, but also the histories of these ancient cultures.

Click here to view the 26 photographed texts and stay tuned for more information about Anna’s project!

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